Personal dev-blog


Hi there, my name is Bruno, welcome to my personal blog!

I’m currently finishing my master’s degree in Computer Science and I aspire to be a (good) software developer. Besides the obvious time I spend in all things related with my field of study, I enjoy doing a bunch of other activities such as: reading, watching anime/movies, playing sports (soccer/tennis) or teaching myself something new. Oh, and I do more programming too.

Please refer to the social links in the top of the page if you’re looking to contact or gather professional information about me.

The blog

If you’re curious about the blog name, Tenma is the surname of the protagonist in Monster, surely the best thriller series I’ve ever read. I really like the character and sort of adopted his name as my web nickname.

The content I’ll be publishing here will be mostly related with software-developement. I don’t make this a rule though, there will be non-dev content from time to time and about just anything I feel to share with you, the reader.